2024 Sessions
Day 1
23 May 2024

B2B CMO & Marketing Head Outlook: The Big Picture

This keynote panel brings together four leading B2B marketing and communication executives from leading DC area companies to discuss their outlook for 2024 — and beyond. This “big picture” panel...
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Brian Reed
Katie Hollar
Hunter Montgomery
Paul Sherman

Keynote: Rick Rudman, Co-founder and CEO, Curbio

Rick Rudman, a legendary B2B leader in the DC area, will speak on “The View from the Top of the B2B CMO Role” Rick is currently CEO and co-founder of...
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Rick Rudman

Unlocking the Power of Brand Awareness: Strategies for Capturing Attention and Driving Results

Too often in today’s B2B environment, awareness marketing efforts are pitted against lead gen efforts in a “Brand vs. Demand” type of relationship, with brand awareness getting the short end...
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Robin Vaitonis
Lauren Leva

Achieving Meaningful Personalization for B2B Brands

Any marketer, B2B or otherwise, has certainly seen statistics touting the benefits of personalization: increased customer engagement, the potential for greater customer loyalty, and the holy grail, growing customer lifetime...
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Tiffany Grinstead
Greg Kihlström

AI Implementation Roadmap For B2B Marketers

As B2B marketers, leveraging AI capabilities not only sets the stage for unprecedented efficiencies, engagement and personalization but also positions companies at the forefront of this ever-changing innovation. This session...
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Lynne Kingsley
Don Clark

Building The Composable Roadmap: An Action Plan for Agility in a Modern Digital Marketplace

The competitive pressures to innovate and increase speed to market, and the rising consumer expectations for reliability and superior customer experience demand that organizations find ways to increase their agility...
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Chad Solomonson

How to Use an Emotive Narrative to Create a Memorable B2B Brand

In a world where consumer attention is a scarce commodity and generic messaging saturates every channel, how can your brand rise above the clamor and truly resonate with your audience?...
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Jon Canty
Leigh George

B2B Social Media: The Latest B2B Tactics and Trends

Research from LinkedIn shows that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make buying decisions. This panel of seasoned B2B social media marketers will provide firsthand experiences, innovative approaches,...
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Tim Alexander
Cameron Austin
Sara Khalatbari
Janica Kaneshiro
Josh Krakauer

Data-Driven Decision-making in B2B Marketing and Sales

This session will explore the latest marketing technology trends, innovative strategies, and best practices for date-driven decision making in the B2B space.
Kunal Mangal
Greg Kihlström

Navigating Brand Integration and Sustaining Brand Equity Amidst Mergers and Acquisitions

Top marketing executives will delve into the intricacies of managing brand integration during acquisitions while safeguarding the essence and value of each brand involved.
Stephanie Glashow
Jake Bittner
Elizabeth Shea
Merav Yuravlivker
John C. Burns III

AI and SEO: How to Make Google Love Your B2B Content

Search engine optimization can drive qualified leads every month to build your pipeline without paying for ads. Using AI to boost your SEO is alluring, but Google is cracking down...
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Raj Khera

Generative Marketing Strategies – Personalization at Scale with GenAI

Marketing teams are swiftly adopting generative AI models, such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini, into their content creation lifecycle. Sitecore is at the forefront of integrating these innovative technologies to...
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Jonathan Corley

Organic LinkedIn: What’s Working for B2B Marketers

Learn proven tactics and cutting-edge techniques to maximize your presence on the world’s premier professional networking platform. Discover innovative strategies tailored specifically for B2B marketers to enhance brand visibility, generate...
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Debbie Friez
Jeffrey Davis
Bonnie Habyan
Alex Love
Shashi Bellamkonda

B2B Sales: Lead Gen From the Sales Perspective

Seasoned sales professionals will share their insights on the current state of lead generation channels and strategies. What lead gen programs are most effective for sales leaders in converting leads...
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Fred Diamond
Brian Shea
Ashley Baber
Matt McDarby

Best Tactics for B2B Thought Leadership 

What are today’s best B2B thought leadership tactics to help distinguish your offerings? Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just beginning to explore the realm of thought leadership, this...
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Mary Yang
Cheryl Dickison
Tracy Schario
Julie Murphy
Lindsey Kolb

The 3 Successful Ways to Make B2B Email Marketing Campaigns Work – Data, Content, & Analytics

In today’s competitive digital landscape, email marketing remains a cornerstone for B2B businesses to engage, nurture, and convert leads effectively. This session delves into the intricacies of B2B email marketing,...
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MacKenzie Lovings
Lynne Kingsley
Carolyn Carlson
Ed Krug

LinkedIn Advertising For B2B: Hack To Get The Most For Your Dollar

Interested in learning more about how to maximize your return on investment with LinkedIn Ads? Join Josh to find out more about how utilizing LinkedIn ads can help improve your...
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Josh Greene