Speakers From Our 2023 MarCom Summit

2023 Speakers

Brian Reed

CMO, Appdome

Tiffany Grinstead

VP, Agency Marketing, Nationwide Property

Tommi Marsans

Associate Director Marketing Technology Strategist, Verizon Business Group

Greg Kihlström

Best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur

Raj Khera

3x Founder of SaaS Businesses

Stephanie Glashow

Head of Marketing, Corporate & Institutional Solutions, Morgan Stanley

Hunter Montgomery

CMO, ChurnZero

Mary Yang

CMO, Syxsense

Cheryl Dickison

SVP, Sales and Client Success, Phronesis Partners

Jon Canty

CEO, Sandline Global

Leigh George

Founder of Freedom

Tracy Schario

Head of External Communications, MITRE

Robin Vaitonis

Chief Operating Officer, Grafik

Lauren Leva

VP of Marketing Services, Grafik

Jonathan Corley

Director of Experience Strategy, Customer Transformation, Sitecore

Chad Solomonson

Chief Customer Officer, RDA

MacKenzie Lovings

VP, Marketing at BIA Advisory Services

Lynne Kingsley

VP Marketing & Strategic Services, Ironmark

Don Clark

Senior Director of Agency Services, Ironmark

Josh Krakauer

CEO, Sculpt

Fred Diamond

Co-founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales

Ed Krug

Founder, Zebra Data Services

Josh Greene

CEO, The Mather Group